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This weekend’s posts and some funny search engine terms

While we have a moment, let’s link to this weekend’s posts. It was a fairly slow weekend with the home computer dying and all. The neon series returned to Ensley and we took a look at driving… or the lack understanding of driving rules. I’m starting to become guilty of it myself much more often than I’d like to be (that would be never). Here they are for your commenting pleasure:

I also figured, taking a cue from Give Me the Booger, that we’d list some of the weirder search engine terms used to find the blog in recent days (with the appropriate comment when necessary):

bo butler & the nice boys – I’m assuming they are nice boys, but I’ve never written about them.

neon room lighting – while I see it, I don’t know how the search engine justified this one.

orderdynamics – I still really don’t know what this actually means.

geren rides – I’m assuming it came up with a transit post. I hope it did at least.

MYSPACE LED TICKERS – If the Bloomberg ticker ever makes an appearance on the site, it’s doomed.

citys in space – When I was younger, I wanted to live out there. Sometimes I wonder if I don’t already live out there.

We’ll see what other weird ones we can dig up on a monthly basis. Enjoy the day and check out the sidebar buttons, in particular the one about tomorrow’s night get together.


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