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The Friday Ramble: SCAD in B’ham, MySpace starts acting corporate and we’re #2! No, seriously it’s a good thing…

I’m proud to be an alumnus of the Savannah College of Art and Design, (though I know some of the people that know me would question the extent of that statement at times). It is definitely a different institution from the one where I began college. The college has more than tripled in size, both in terms of students and facilities. While this may have changed the rate of interaction among students of different majors on campus, it does provide a chance for alum to support each other and current students in their endeavors, and there are a lot of SCAD alumni in metro Birmingham. One SCAD grad and one current student are having events come up in the next seven days, giving you a chance to see just how crazy all of us art students are.

I’ve already written about Christopher Davis (BFA, graphic design, 1997) and the Feminist Debutante Guild’s show next Saturday. Click here and scroll down to view the post with that information. I learned about the other one after reading 3choboomer’s blog yesterday. Click here to view the details for that event, though they’re still sketchy. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun for $5 tonight at Sloss Furnaces.

While we’re talking about showing support…

Artwalk’s Brewhaha takes place this evening in Five Points South at the local Starbucks. This month’s artist is Trés Taylor. This month the artist assisted other artists (members of the Ticking Family) in completing the work. Click here to read the brief in this week’s Birmingham Weekly to learn more about this family and the twist on this month’s event to benefit them.

MySpace starts getting corporate

I was stumbling online during lunch yesterday and found this Ad Age article reporting that Seventeen was the first magazine to sign an official promo deal with MySpace. The article went on to say that it was the first print publication to have a MySpace page. Now, I’m not sure why they would say that when regional magazines such as Paste and Mental Floss have had pages for months. I do not believe that they have official deals; however their growing list of friends would have to be noticed by the guys over at MySpace. They have developed their pages to satisfy the needs of their fan base and have several “friends” as a result, of all ages. While there are people that have been concerned about the future of MySpace due to News Corporation’s ownership, this is the first time that the company has made changes that will be pointed to as a change in direction and priorities. Let’s hope that it will not change how resourceful this site has become, despite its being abused by others.

#2 According to’s Salary Index Study

People who doubt that there are positive things going on in the region should take a look at a recent report written about by TechBirmingham’s Curtis Palmer on his blog earlier this week. Click here to read the post. Seems that we’re #2 (something that people may not believe at first, until you work your way down Curtis’ post). As more things like this are made public and reported, maybe some of the perceptions of the city and region held by residents will hopefully change. And CHANGE appears to be the word of the moment and the word that needs to be focused on.

Dre’s taking a break

Enjoy the weekend and the holiday. The site will take care of itself (posts will be made) while I’m off somewhere for the next few days (you’ll see what I mean next week). I am also going to add a link that will allow e-mail subscriptions to the site this weekend, for those that want delivery of content that way. Have a happy and safe 4th & I’ll see you on the other side.

And keep both this family and this woman relevant.


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