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Random Shots: Simple neon for a Highland hangout spot


Rojo is the next entrant in the journey across the city in search of neon signs. This business has been open for several years in its Highland Avenue perch overlooking Rushton Park. At night, especially during the warmer months of the year, this space represents the liveliness of the city’s Southside. This activity makes for a great view as you approach the restaurant from all points east with a greater emphasis on a nighttime approach. Hopefully you can make out the scene; my hands have not been that steady recently.

Our first sign seemed to generate a great deal of interest, so we’ll see how many more we can find around town in the coming weeks. A photo gallery will begin to be populated this evening as well. Check back to see when the link is activitated.


UPDATE: Click here to view the soon to be ever-growing collection of images of neon throughout the Magic City!

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