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The Sunday P.M. Post: Day 1 in New Orleans – A Look In

06042006 House on its side.jpg

Tomorrow I will go looking for a free WiFi connection to make additional posts during the trip. However, I felt that I needed to post the pictures that I took today during a bus tour titled, From Disaster to Community Development, part of the Main Streets Conference I’m in New Orleans to attend. This lead to my breaking down and paying the insane per day rate at the hotel. And yes, you’re not seeing things, it is a house sitting on its side located in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Not having cable, I know I have probably not seen the damage to the same degree that others have since last August, but I think these images give you an idea of just how widespread the situation is. I will label the images on the Smugmug site later on this week, providing some more information about where they were taken. The locations may surprise you.

I also owe an account of my Amtrak trip, though I hope you read the article linked to in yesterday’s post. I’ll post those pictures late this evening. Rather than write out the lengthy entry (at least for now), I figured I’d show just how this crazy brain operates through the FreeMind mind map (in PDF format) that I created during the trip. I use this program much more than people realize. Hopefully any questions that you may have will be answered via links to be placed in the map by the end of the week.

I will post an account next weekend; I think right now I just want to get the images up and like Megabeth slow down more. Enjoy the week.


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