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The buzz is in the air today, for several reasons

Well, tonight’s the night we’ve been waiting for. Hopefully thousands will be gathered to lend their voices to cheering on the performers. Yes… The Strokes are playing this evening over at Sloss Furnaces. Oh wait, there’s also this show called American Idol coming on this evening from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Our current hometown hero, Taylor Hicks, will be dominating the news this evening (as well as his fellow semi-finalist Katharine McPhee) as a result. There are viewing parties planned throughout the region including one in Hoover at what used to be the newest Buffalo Wild Wings on Highway 150. The guys over at Black and White are holding a pre-concert event at Amani Raha (check the MySpace page too; it just keeps going) for The Strokes concert.

There is one other event that’s going on this evening scheduled to become a viewing party. Catalyst makes a return to the public limelight this evening with an event at Sloss Docks, beginning at 5:30 p.m. The link will take to you the event reminder posted on their blog and the Evite for the event. That’s plenty of time to come out and find out what’s been going on with the two year old civic organization, see if you’re interested in getting involved with what their plans are before the finale begins (7 p.m.) or the concert (8 p.m.). Plus, they’ll have the finale playing at the event as well, so you don’t have to rush home immediately.

A previous post talks about my thoughts when our new director was hired thanks to funding provided by the Community Foundation. There’s also one talking about doing something else besides mixing. I’ve heard some concern about the wait between events for Catalyst. I look back at a conversation that I had with the founders of the city’s Rotaract chapter as well as to my current experiences with my job. Sometimes if you rush a good thing, it will not be the way that you want it. I view the time as necessary for the organization to truly accomplish what it set out to do: get people that are young, both actually and at heart, more engaged in the goings on of their community. Tonight’s event should be the first step towards accomplishing that goal. I hope to see y’all there this evening. I’ll be the guy with the one crutch (unless my doctor tells me otherwise).


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