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Random shots: the view in Wylam

Former crossing in Downtown Wylam

A return to one of our less polarizing activities: pictures of stuff around the Magic City. This now serves as a piece of art in the heart of the Wylam Commercial District. The area is one of the westernmost sections of the city, one of the many small towns that were annexed by Birmingham in 1910. Several of these smaller cities are the focus of my office’s work.

The streetscape improvements made in the area are focused close to this former crossing. The other side of the crossing now contains a small plaza. There are several buildings in the area waiting to be restored. This view is looking back towards downtown Ensley (a previous Random Shots subject) and the Ensley Steel Works site. Hopefully it will not be long for this section of town to be revived and for this site to receive some more frequent visitors that hang around for a while.


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