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They’re competitive too… (BSC, Part II)

One thing I did not mention in the previous post was the fact that there are many D-III players that have gone on to play at the highest level of their sport professionally.

In football, the first name that comes to mind is Shannon Sharpe. He played for Savannah State during their pre-Division I days.

Design-geek e-mailed me this link showing the number of Division III players taken in the MLB amateur draft. (N.B. Check out the photos on design-geek’s page). The names in bold represent the names of players that made an appearance at the major league level. You may recognize several of them from recent years, including David Justice, Scott Brosius, Tony Womack and Bob Wickman (so a few of them are former Yankees, go figure). There are a few names down at the bottom of the page that should be recognizable as well.

Just in case there are those that think that D-III players are not of the same caliber of D-I or D-II (one of the arguments being made).


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