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In lieu of the Ramble…

Rather than try to attempt to post the Ramble today, it will appear late tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow’s topic: Music in the Magic City

In it’s place, we invite you to view some additional pictures of Taylor Hicks. I also suggest you check out Wade’s post about the rise of things to do for the burgeoning young professional class in Birmingham.

And check out the first set of pictures from the parade.

And if you have time, please visit my Relay for Life page and consider supporting me for this year’s activities in Leeds/Moody next weekend.


N.B. Don’t forget to be thinking about those runners participating in the 1st Annual Zoo Run at the Birmingham Zoo this evening beginning at 6. You can’t sign up to run, but you can support those taking part.

Hicks singing in front of Birmingham City Hall

Taylor Hicks performing in front of Birmingham City Hall after taking part in a parade organized in his honor on Friday afternoon.

05122006 Hicks pulling up in front of City Hall.jpg

The crowd in and around Birmingham City Hall as Taylor Hicks arrives (he is at the bottom right of the image).

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