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The Game, music for fun and the problem with television today

One for the ages
It was an interesting turnout yesterday and an INSANELY LONG game. The ones that appeared were the diehards, the ones that sought refuge from the rest of the world and those just looking for an excuse to call their parents and friends and tell them that they were going to be on TV (i.e., me). While reports had the crowd at Rickwood Field at 4,000, you get the feeling that more people would have been aware had the game been publicized to the general public more. The wind didn’t help matters much either. Nonetheless, my mom got to see me look like a geek on television. Those that felt left out by not being able to attend, there’s still some home: the annual Rickwood Classic is scheduled for June 22. And of course there’s always the option of trying to convince them to hold the Negro Leagues event again, providing everyone a chance to enjoy the game. Click here to learn about those that were elected to the Hall of Fame today in a special called vote to honor former Negro Leagues stars.

Jump and wine
Today is a chance to listen to Carnival (or at least get in the mood) courtesy of This website originates from Point Fortin (where my uncle just happens to be the mayor) and should give listeners a pretty good idea of the way things are going down there. The server has been slammed on and off for most of the day. Something to keep in mind is the number of Trinidadians living off of the island trying to listen. If you’re patient, you’ll eventually have some fun bopping your head along.

No chance for failure
Finally, I figure I haven’t had a real rambling commentary for a while (that is the name of the blog after all)… I will freely admit that I’d become a fan of Love Monkey, the CBS drama that did not involve murder, explosions or “reality” television. I’d been wondering why the show did not come on two weeks ago when I was looking forward to an excuse to take a break from watching the Olympics. For some unknown reason, I finally decided to check out one of my favorite music magazines earlier today, Paste. While trying to catch up with the rat race, I learned of the show’s current “hiatus” though plans call for their not to be a return.

Now, call me a weird individual, (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but I keep wondering how three episodes is enough to measure the success of a television show. I’ve been wondering just how many people tuned in to watch the show and were upset that a rerun of NCIS was on instead. It’s funny that networks never mention what those numbers are instead. I also realize that I’m one of the few on this information superhighway that does not have cable television, probably shielding me from the news longer since I’m not wired up on the latest gossip from E! Online or similar stations. For Love Monkey, the idea of looking at something other than a court room, police precinct or an emergency room was quite refreshing as was the music. The issue is more with providing an opportunity for shows to truly succeed, even this age of instant gratification where something has to be an instant success. People are more frightened than ever to take their time and take a chance. It’s led to a cookie cutter style that is slowly beginning to infiltrate all that we do.

Though in a perfect world a cable network or another station would pick it up and run with it, I’ll include the link to the online petition but accept that part of our creativity is disappearing daily whenever execs refuse to take a chance.


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Aye, I couldn't believe it when Fox cancelled Arrested Development. The show won two Emmys and a Golden Globe, plus other awards and nominations.

Networks need to die. I only watch Adult Swim now. I heard a rumor that another network may pick up Arrested Development.