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Thanks… and help!

I figured I’d take a moment today and say thank you – for a few things.

First of all, I let this site’s 4th anniversary come and go without much fanfare mainly because I haven’t been providing as much insight about my life here as I used to. I’m hoping that I’ll finally get a chance to rectify that soon, including getting back to some more photography. I also plan to finally delete my version of this site and maybe get around to finishing up some updates to the Ramblings theme in the near future.

I also want to say thank you to everybody that dropped by any of my virtual doorsteps and wished me a happy birthday last week. I sincerely appreciated it and needed it more than you’ll ever know. I especially appreciated the virtual birthday cards from Frank and Donna (I’ll share links later). I’m planning on writing back to all who dropped by as soon as the computers allow me to.

Finally, I did want to take a few moments to talk about what John Garrett and company decided to do for me last week.

I sent out a tweet recently that hinted at the problems I’ve been having with my laptop recently. I expected to hear from folks about what type of laptop to get and even figured I’d see some version of a Mac vs. PC debate appear (and it did). What I did not expect was an attempt to raise enough money to outright purchase or help offset the cost of a new laptop for daily use. I honestly did not expect much of anything in response to John’s request; every time I’ve said that there are issues I was reminded that others are having similar problems so I didn’t want to be seen as begging.

I currently own a desktop (a Mac Mini) but it is actually less powerful than the HP laptop that I currently own. The laptop recently decided that it would have several things go wrong at once, making it just a little less useful. Some were just the result of how often it’s used, others are still not quite explainable. It’s made running the site and any type of online business extremely difficult as it decides when it feels like cooperating with me.

If John’s goal was reached, I’ll confess that I was leaning towards purchasing a Dell Studio 15 (it’d be the middle one) mainly because of the cost (it would still end up being closer to the cost included in the third column). Sorry to disappoint the Apple fans out there, but it would allow me to pay some bills that have been building up for some time and maybe ease my mind, which has become more and more scattered and insane in recent months for several reasons.

All I can really say is “thank you;” with how I’ve been looking at the world recently, it was nice to know that folks have found The Terminal informative.

One more thing: I’ve been asked by folks how they can help and I’ve tried to share some of that with folks from before.

I’m going to update my about pages both on this site and on Urban Conversations (hopefully within the next 72 hours) and cross link them so folks can get a better idea of what it is that I do and what I am capable of doing. So far as work goes, if folks could direct them to Urban Conversations, I’d greatly appreciate it as well as I’m hopeful that I can begin to post regularly to that site. Any help that can be provided in terms of assisting with finding some projects would be greatly appreciated (and they don’t necessarily have to be in Birmingham).

I’ll see you later on.


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