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City Stages 2007 – First Night

A little rain (actually, a lot of rain) didn’t seem to keep festival goers away from Birmingham, Alabama’s City Stages festival. Yours truly figured that he’d wait out the storm and then go, and it turned out to be a good thing. Festival organizers delayed the start of performances but that didn’t seem to keep steady, decent sized crowds from showing up.

Day One line - 4th Ave North

I’ve been trying to update the online guide I created for The Terminal, so I’ve been a little groggy for most of the day.

But I didn’t want to get too far into the second day without sharing a couple of shots from last night.


I ended up spending most of my time this year on opening night running into friends and checking out the Homegrown Stage. Earthbound (above) only got to play three songs thanks to the rain shortened sets allowing the headliners to have their way. Unfortunately, that meant that two of the acts scheduled for this stage early on were not able to go on.

The best part of the evening was Shariff Simmons. He said that he wasn’t going to miss this headliner performance and he did not disappoint.

Shariff Simmons

I was just happy to have the opportunity to enjoy the evening. I did end up catching part of the Steve Miller performance, but the best part of that was a great conversation about the life of the festival and what’s next for it. I have some thoughts myself, though I figured it would be something good for people to want to read on a Sunday morning.

Off to Day 2. You may want to check out the City Stages Flickr Group to see some of the images. You could also see what the guys at the Magic City Flickr Group are doing as well. I’ll actually have my memory card with me today, so maybe I can get some good shots.

Enjoy the day!


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