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Catalyst’s Fields steps down this Thursday

cfields1.jpgAs the civic organization roundtable prepares for its next meeting this coming Thursday (yes, we’re meeting again on Thursday evening), one of the organizations that actively participates in this effort and others in Birmingham, Alabama has announced that their executive director is stepping down that same day.

Catalyst has announced that Cherie Fields’ last day as administrator for the progressive organization will be Thursday. According to the press release:

…Fields is stepping down in order to pursue new opportunities and goals for her life, including the launch of a new business with her husband, Ed Fields. The Fields plan to start their own company providing leadership/community development programs and managing communication projects.

Under Cherie’s leadership, Catalyst has seen tremendous growth and accomplished many critical key goals of the organization, including the development and management of the six key pillars that Catalyst determined as a focus, according to a survey of their membership. With each accomplishment, the organization’s visibility and place in the community improved greatly, solidifying the organization as a major catalyst for change in Birmingham.

The release states that Fields will continue as a member of the organization’s advisory committee. Catalyst has become more visible under her leadership, leading to recognition as one to watch this year according to the Birmingham Business Journal. It goes on to say that Catalyst will not immediately seek to replace Fields, but rather turn to the board to take on a more active and visible leadership role in the organization.

It will be interesting to see how others will read Fields’ resignation. It does provide the opportunity to Catalyst to go in any direction that they see fit and carry their members along for what promises to be an interesting ride. If nothing else, the entrepreneurial world here in Birmingham has gained another in their ranks. And that may be one of the best things about the announcement. People continuously say that our business community needs to take a more active role in guiding our city to where it needs to be. The Fields and others like them are what is needed; people willing to take on the challenge of running businesses here in town, and as a result taking up the reigns of leadership in the process. We’ll see what happens…

Let’s hear ’em. Get out there and enjoy the day too!


N.B. Let’s not forget the fact that I do currently serve on the board for Catalyst (that full disclosure thing); and I have not forgotten about the pictures of the new loft. They’re still coming.

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