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“Let’s show them Birmingham still cares about the Gulf Coast…”

There are plenty of things I could write about regarding things to keep your eye out for in the next 3-4 days. There’s Reg’s anniversary concert tomorrow evening at the Alabama Theatre, celebrating 10 years of bringing a different perspective to the music scene here in town. There are the ADDYs tomorrow evening, taking over billboards all over the metro Birmingham area . There’s even the first “Cool School” (which I’ll write about tomorrow). But before we all decided to get into our cars and hibernate during this extremely cold weekend, I wanted to point out something that someone is doing next week to remind us that much still needs to be done for those along the Gulf Coast still suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Wade Kwon is working with Hands on Birmingham to organize work group visits to both New Orleans and Biloxi in April. There will be two informational sessions taking place on February 21 & February 24. Full details are available on his blog’s Magic City Mission page. There is also an entry on Good News Birmingham, available by clicking here.

I’ve talked about my visit to New Orleans last summer as well as our effort to collect items for those affected via a Happy Hour last August. I”d encourage you to pass on the link to the site, link to the post or this one if you currently blog or post a bulletin on any of the numerous networking programs out there, including MySpace. Let’s show them that we still care. Thanks in advance.

Enjoy the weekend (and stay warm)!


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