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Keeping up with the news from afar

Snow falling on DC

I’m currently in Washington, DC for the week taking part in training related to my job. It’s fairly intensive but a lot of fun. There’s also the fact that the Northerner in me is still trying to adjust to the cold weather. While some of you may laugh, when you’re walking around in freezing rain and snow, it’s a big difference (and a little relaxing).

As the tests end, and I take breaks from studying, we’ll make sure that we at least try to keep up with things. I figured it would be silly to not remind everyone of tonight’s Red Mountain Park meeting at the Birmingham Museum of Art’s auditorium. I believe the fun starts around 6 p.m. and it will include the revealing of the final draft master plan for the regional park. I’m interested in seeing just what the plan contains when I get back, and I have a weird feeling that many people in town may be interested enough to venture out tonight.

N.B. The best part of doing these posts this week is the fact that I can finally demonstrate the fun part of doing this. As this posts, I’ll be sitting in a class taking notes tax credits in class, having written this before venturing out to Union Station, 3-4 hours before. Yeah, I’ve given away one of the “secrets” but I think it helps some folks realize just how this thing works.

Enjoy the day,


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