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The Ticker: The rest of the Magic City at midweek

While we’ve been happy with the recent increase in visitors to the Ramblings due to the radio station carousel, there are some other things going on in Birmingham, Alabama midway through this first week of December 2006. We’ll see if we can’t do our best to update you on those stories.

The latest word from Sidewalk

Wade Kwon has interviewed Sidewalk board president Alan Hunter (posting the interview on his blog) and has information on the open forum that will now take place at the next Sidewalk Salon (this coming Monday, December 11, beginning at 7 p.m. @ Rojo).

Perhaps this will calm most of those that are concerned with the future of the independent film festival and the departure of two very active and passionate members of the workforce that makes the annual event possible including the resignation of Erik Jambor last week. Here’s my take on some of the early comments made about the recent string of events.

It could also raise additional questions, some of which may need to be asked so that all are on the same page.

There’s no WiFi access at Rojo, but I’m sure that someone in the metro blogosphere will be prepared to provide notes on this event after it’s all over.

And we’ll hear more about the Progress 280 proposal…in January

Today’s Birmingham News has an update on the Progress 280 proposal for an elevated highway solution for the congested-at-rush hour stretch of the U.S. highway.

Public hearings on elevated 280 lanes delayed, The Birmingham News, 12.6.2006

According to the report, the road’s future has met with some of the same traffic that its users meet up with on a daily basis. Additional public opinion on the issue will have to wait until after the holidays, during which time the pent up frustrations from holiday shopping traffic combined with rush hour will probably lead to comments no one counted on about future remedies for it. We have posted on this topic before, with a few comments resulting, though not nearly to the degree of those posted recently. We’ll see what people say on January 22 & 23, the scheduled dates for the next round of hearings.

Local comedy takes the stage at the Bottletree

I got this e-mail from my friend Christopher Davis on Monday, just before I posted about the radio station. For those that know, it’s Chris’ fault that I’m writing this thing and in this town in the first place. I mentioned his t-shirt design for City Stages back in mid-June. The traffic has kept me from posting about the upcoming show that he mentioned in the note happening at Bottletree tomorrow evening. I’m going to trust that the image I stick in here will explain enough about it.


There’s more, but we’ll save it for tomorrow.

BTW – I’ve noticed that Cox Communications has been looking at posts around here recently. Probably doesn’t mean a thing, but you never know…

Enjoy the day.


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