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The Ramble: Random thoughts before a trip to eat turkey

Holidays are always a stressful time of year. This year was to be no different. I figure in the last two weeks I’ve had more people become upset by personal decisions about how to spend the holidays than I’ve had

For several years I’ve tried to be as selfless as possible. In dealing with my grandmother’s death and the subsequent conversations with family members and friends, I’ve figured out that I do need to be a little more selfish. One day when I understand all of the reasons why this was the last real holiday celebration with my entire family in the same room, I’ll let you know. Incidentally, this leads to some realistic thoughts about the universe as Betsy prepares to watch her first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in person:

We’re going to have really cool pictures of the Homewood High School Marching Band’s appearance at the parade.

That if a Yankees fan can wait until the team gets better, then people need to stop calling for Shula’s head on a platter. There are more important things in life.

That three families in Huntsville are going to be giving thanks for the lives their children led, instead of the lives that they had ahead of them. (Others will be thinking about why IDs are encouraged instead of required).

Cats should really be drugged before any long road trip. Even if they like driving in cars, they’re likely to want to make fun of the dog traveling next to them.

Robert Altman’s films are ones that I’ve enjoyed at interesting points of my life. I’m now compelled to finally pay that library fine and watch all of them again.

John’s having a lot of fun with Bike Year again, and I’ve got to get back to reading it more often.

2007 is shaping up to be a year of challenges with rewards

I’ll be able to take ½ of a 101 in 1001 item off of the list next Friday. More then.

A hope that all of you enjoy a safe and joyous holiday.

What image will I put up tomorrow morning for those that are still near a computer the day before the holiday.

Enjoy the day.


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