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Random Shots: A beautiful fall day in the Magic City

So we’re sitting around in offices early on a wet, dreary Monday morning. Why not remember how much fun we had over the weekend?


Many decided to visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for their Fall Garden Sale. Considering the lack of greenery in the loft currently, we decided it was time for a run on some things before things get too crazy. We’ve never made it for the spring plant sale, but hope that the string of misses will be broken this time.

Hopefully people were able to get out and enjoy the weather. I can think of many that did get out and enjoy one of our parks late Sunday afternoon.


For many in attendance at Vulcan Park yesterday afternoon, they’d say that this was a beautiful site to behold.


Chris Thile of Nickel Creek, brought his mandolin and voice to Vulcan AfterTunes, leading organizers to say it was one of the largest crowds they’d seen for the 2-year old series so far. As you can see, a large crowd decided to brave the beautiful weather and enjoy. Thile was enjoying himself so much that he broke a string on his mandolin at the end of his set, leading to a short delay as he re-strung his instrument at the beginning of his encore. He played everything from Bach to Fiona Apple during the nearly 2-hour set. There were also representatives from the ONE campaign, as we mentioned late last week. There were a few new fans in particular that decided to enjoy the day as well.


Let’s not forget about the fun had by those attending the Harambee Festival on Saturday in West End. Click here to see a couple of images as well as to learn where you can catch the band on national television this week.

Just some images to get you through the gray skies this morning.

Enjoy the day.


P.S. I’d also invite you to check out Friday afternoon’s post and let me know what you think.

There’s also a post on the current status in the continuing saga of Quinlan Castle from Saturday.

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