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Neon in B’ham: The power to change perception


One thing I have noticed while doing this series is the number of signs that are not currently operational. It’s fun to wonder just how different the atmosphere would be in greater downtown if all of the lights were operational. Perhaps that is possible as the number of people that call the Magic City’s city center home continues to increase in the coming months.

While taking a comparative picture of the current Alabama Power sign sitting high atop a portion of their complex, with Electra standing guard over the original building. This sign sits near the entrance of another large building still occupied by Alabama Power in the city’s Northside. As the area begins to see new life infused by way of new federal complexes, streetscape improvements and new housing, maybe encouraging some renovation of surviving signs maybe a way to add some additional spunk to the buzz. It could also add to the new life of the city center, and we all want that don’t we?

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Enjoy the day.


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