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Yes, there are more movies to talk about (and festivals)

We’ve already mentioned all the cinematic options available to locals and visitors (hello!) alike in town this weekend. Well, there are two more things to point out this morning. First of all, it luckily did not get cold until late last night, so those that were able to make it out to Movies by Moonlight enjoyed great weather and a great treat: Napoleon Dynamite. The winner of the viewer’s choice vote was announced as well; this film will be shown in October as the last feature of this year’s series. And the winner was quite appropriate indeed when you think about it…The Empire Strikes Back! Early reports are saying that costumes will be encouraged, just in time for Halloween. The Birmingham Jaycees will also have a table at next month’s event, giving away two tickets to the return of their Haunted House in Lakeview. The house will provide funds to do community service activities through 2007 and the end of 2006 for the civic organization.

“Dynamite’s” producer is also brought this year’s opening film for Sidewalk to fruition. If you have a chance to get a ticket and can’t get in to see Batman Begins at McWane, check out The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang tonight at the Alabama Theatre. (Don’t forget Urban Reversi tomorrow morning! They’re meeting at the Harbert Center) They had a great time running the game last weekend in Williamsburg.

You might also want to check out the competitive film slate using the button off to the left.

You many also notice a venue along 3rd Avenue North that has a slightly more localized flare. The Cakewalk Film Festival makes its appearance this weekend in downtown Birmingham. This festival also hopes to do more to help local filmmakers, as is Sidewalk’s primary goal. We’ll have to wait and see what the effect of having two festivals at the same time will have on downtown… wait a sec… we’ll actually have four festivals going on at the same time. Let’s not forget about the Greek Festival on Southside and the Taste of 4th Avenue Jazz Festival primarily located at the Carver Theater. It’s getting more like NYC all the time (better to have too many options than too few).

A visit to the House that Ruth built, after lunch.


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