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More Magic City MySpace, New Bloggers and Tonight at the Bottletree

Since starting the Magic City MySpace page, I’ve received several invitations to become friends with several groups that exist in metro Birmingham that I either didn’t know existed or didn’t know they’d created a MySpace page. I’ve also run into several people online that I have not spoken to in nearly a decade. I’ll spare you the details on all of the old friends I’ve run into, (though if any of them read this; I’m so grateful to have stumbled upon you again) but instead focus on a few examples of groups that are out there. I suddenly see my evenings getting busier and more relaxing at the same time…

Vulcan After Tunes will bring music back up around the Big Guy this fall starting on September 17. The gates open at 1 p.m. with music beginning at 3 p.m. There will be four concerts this year, one occurring every two weeks.

The Birmingham Jaycees Haunted House has come back to life and has joined the MySpace bandwagon. “The Original Nightmare” will be in Lakeview for the month of October, scaring people for a good cause. Monies raised will be used for Christmas shopping trips for needy families as well as other ongoing projects for the organization. Keep an eye out for some more news from the land of the Jaycees later this month.

The first Sunday of the month means it’s time for Birmingham Kickball action at Avondale Park. This group is a little more than three years old and enjoys their monthly skirmishes on the site of the old zoo. Costumes are allowed and stress and frustration can be kicked away.

Hopefully these and a few others will be added to the page later on this evening. Don’t forget that you can always e-mail your additions to this growing list to yours truly.

Two more things

Charles Buchanan will be on the local Fox affiliate’s morning show tomorrow around 7:45 a.m. with Artwalk Director Joy Myers talking about this weekend’s festival. Click here to read how Charles puts it.

UPDATE: Since the folks did the appearance this morning, I’d encourage people to go and check out the site and see if the video is up there from this morning. Otherwise, you’ll just have to go out there on Friday and see them in person!

Go and take a peek at my friend Jarrett’s blog over here… he’ll be at Artwalk as well over the weekend.

OK, three, since I really want to see Man or Astroman? tonight at Bottletree. This show should be a lot of fun to see, especially since it’s one of only two reunion shows that they’re doing this year. Tickets are $12 a pop and the show starts at 8 p.m. with Tiger!Tiger! on the bill as well. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the schedule for other reasons that you may want to go and hang out on a school night.

Enjoy the afternoon,


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Actually, Joy, Vero, and I appeared on TV this morning. We got moved up a day. Thanks for the promo, though. :)


Actually, Joy, Vero, and I appeared on TV this morning. We got moved up a day. Thanks for the promo, though. :)