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The Ticker: Bettola’s menu, Art options galore for the weekend, and plans for Tuesday

Please help spread the word about Tuesday night

First thing’s first, if you didn’t read yesterday’s post about our Katrina relief event on Tuesday, please click here, then come back. I’d like to ask everyone that reads this and is interested in helping out to e-mail the link to anyone that is interested or to post a link about the event on your blog.

The latest on District 54

Birmingham Blues provided some great coverage of the decision of the contest committee’s decision yesterday concerning Patricia Todd and Gaynell Hendricks. Start here and work your way back a few entries. The decision makes me wonder if those politicians want to do the people’s business or avoid making a decision that could set the tone for all things to come. We’ll find out what the party’s executive committee tomorrow.

For art lovers in the Magic City this weekend…

There are two options for you this evening. Naked Art Gallery is hosting an opening of “Textual Satisfaction” this evening beginning at 5 p.m. The subtitle is The power of words in the work of two artists. It will feature new work by painter M Blue Horn and stained glass artist Heather Miller. Click here to view the gallery’s website homepage, currently containing images from the show. The first opening will be this evening, with a second opening being held tomorrow afternoon between 1 – 6 p.m.

If you choose to attend the Saturday reception, a choice for something to do this evening is to attend the final Artwalk Brewhaha before the annual arts festival takes over downtown in two weeks. We’ve already written about the details for this event here, but click here to view the information on their site as well. The fun starts in Five Points South at Starbucks at 6 p.m.

Betolla’s menu online?

There have been several inquiries thanks to search inquiries about the new Italian restaurant in Pepper Place, I figured “Why not post the menu online?” So here it is, in PDF format. It’s not the greatest, but it does provide information.

Enjoy the weekend.


N.B. This week’s Neon picture will be posted late this evening or tomorrow.

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