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Idol’s finally here, but let’s look at what else is going on…

Yeah, it’s finally here…

There are Idol hopefuls currently standing outside of the BJCC awaiting their chance to sing their way onto the popular Fox television series. Just 48 hours earlier, there were more than 250 people still dancing away to the types of songs that inspired Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks. Maybe some of the potential contestants could have pulled a song or two out of Roscoe Robinson’s or Ralph “Soul” Jackson. Check out this post from this weekend about the show on Southside celebrating the Birmingham Sound:

Images from the Birmingham Sound Release Party

Funding sources for traffic solutions are…

It’s interesting that as we prepare to have open forum discussion about building a second level along a 10-mile stretch of 280, there are conversations taking place about determining ways to fund our current mass transit system.

Transit system funding proves difficult to collect, The Birmingham News, 8.21.2006

Check out this post from last week and the comments made afterwards about the plans.

The Ramble: Can you really build your way out of a traffic problem?

In case you missed it Friday,

Neon in B’ham: A Look at The Lodge


The idea of identifying what people need while they’re in town for these auditions is essential. The collecting this information will help local and state agencies determine just how the city can be better marketed as well as what other attractions could be added. Jim Smither of the area CVB put it best though… that the results may show that maybe the need is not to add something new, but to make sure that what we’ve already got is marketed as aggressively as possible.

Any comments as always are welcome. Enjoy the day.


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