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The Ticker: The rest of the buzz happening in B’ham today

As promised, some more locally driven content, though much earlier than I anticipated.

A call for volunteers from Artwalk

The first item on the list is the cause of it. Created from an e-mail received from the folks at Artwalk:


I know it’s short notice, but they’d would love to see you… Tonight!! They’re having a gathering at SpeakEasy on 3rd Street North (1920 3rd Avenue North) to sign up volunteers for Artwalk weekend. If you stop by and can find a time that you can commit to help, you can have a drink on Artwalk! Other perks are a free t-shirt and pass to the Artwalk After-Party on Saturday, Sept. 9 on the roof of The Avenues (2316-18 1st Avenue North).

Can’t make it tonight?? They could still use your help. Just contact Robin Spooner at [email protected]. There is something for everyone to do between 8 am Friday Sept. 8 and midnight Saturday, Sept. 9. They need physical labor, outgoing personalities, general gophers… believe me there is something for everyone. So if you’re in town and you are civic-minded, go help out one of the best events in downtown Birmingham!

The meeting starts at 6 p.m., so there’s still time to pass the word along to your friends and pass the link on for others to learn about it. I will not be able to attend because of rehab, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to do something before it’s all over.

Find out more about future plans for Fair Park and the model city officials are looking at after the jump…

A new life for Fair Park?

fullblast.jpgToday’s Birmingham News reported about the development of plans for Fair Park, better known as the Alabama State Fairgrounds, in the city’s West End area. I’m hopeful that the paper will fix the link on their site and have the entire story available online as I think it may be a great catalyst for activity in that section of town. This is despite currently announced plans by Alabama Adventure to expand their offerings to include an indoor water park. I think the best way for readers to get an idea of what Councilor Hoyt and the mayor saw in Battle Creek, Michigan as inspiration for this latest revitalization plan for the park is to provide a link the website for Full Blast. Then let us know what you think.

Interest grows in Fair Park renewal, The Birmingham News, 8.16.2006

Naked Art Sale ends soon…

Rather than me tell you about it, it would just be best to click here to visit their site and hear about it from the experts.

One day closer to the Birmingham Sound event

I figured I’d put the link to the original post here since there are a lot of people attempting to find more information about the event. Here’s the comment that Sarah posted to the entry earlier this week.

We’ve just finished up with the CD release here in Chicago for the Birmingham Sound. John and MLE and I…and actually a whole caravan of Chicago soul kids will be driving down at midnight, Wednesday to invade Birmingham. The show on Saturday was sold out and I have to tell you that I was a bit overwhelmed with the response. Ralph’s set, backed by Adam Fitz and a bevy of talented Chicago musicians was absolutely incredible. Roscoe took the stage by serious and intimate storm, telling stories and singing and pleading on 70 + year old knee. He brought Otis Clay up on stage for a duet of “If I had a Hammer”. I was so happy and so proud of everyone.

We’ve found out that at the Bottletree show, Ralph is to be backed by a group rounded up by the Dexateen’s Matt Patton. It’s going to be incredible. Can’t wait to see you at the show!

Enjoy the day.


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