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Random Shots: So what’s going on with Torme’s Grocery downtown?

I was driving home to enjoy lunch and relax for a while before attempting one of those insane amounts of research that one does under several deadlines at once, when I realized that something was different on my drive. Driving down 2nd Avenue North, I looked to the right side as always to see if progress had been made on Torme’s Associated Grocers. Torme’s is the grocery store closest to my loft, however we almost never get a chance to go there because of their current hours. At first glance, it seems normal.


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A closer inspection after stopping the car led me learn of the current situation with the store:

08142006-tormes-signage.gifI really couldn’t tell if the store was closing or if it was simply going forward with their plans for renovation. Then I saw the Fox 6 camera set up for an interview with Mr. Torme.


So now I’m going to have to rush home to see what more I can learn about the status of this long-time downtown business. Despite what happens, the hope that something will be happening has to be music to some, though at times it can break the hearts of those that yearn for the good old days.


But you never know what you may find during your hunt for revival of an area. Like part of a Coca-Cola sign from a time when a building was not there.


If I find out anything, I’ll let y’all know.


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