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Random Shots: Riding towards a rebirth


What a difference a year makes…

This time last year the owners of Confederate Motorcycles were enjoying life and a successful business in New Orleans, LA. N.B. Click here to view a previous entry on the Crescent City after a visit, here for shortly after the events of late August and early September. The devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina led to the company to announce plans to relocate to the Magic City in December, 2005. One sees signs of their rebirth while driving by their soon to be open offices along 5th Avenue South, (across from WorkPlay and the Liv on Fifth development currently under construction), complete with their new logo. It appears that the rebirth will also take place on their website. We’ll get a chance to watch the success of their physical rebirth starting August 29th. And we get to constantly watch the rebirth of our own city with events like last night’s Artwalk Preamble. Stay tuned for more.


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