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The Emergency Post: Just how dedicated are Taylor’s fans?

This is the introduction of what will hopefully be a seldom used heading for things that just need to be posted. What better way for this series to begin than to post a bulletin put up by our friend Kelly Marshall on MySpace from her office at Workplay:

You good folks know I rarely post bulletins, but this seems worth mentioning:

American Idol fans are THE craziest fans in the history of the universe.

I am sitting at work. The air conditioning in JUST MY OFFICE is not working on an Alabama heated day.

Just 25 feet away from me, in the lobby, is a crowd of at least 150 middle aged women wearing ‘Soul Patrol’ shirts. Right now. At 4:52 pm.

Taylor does not go on stage until 9:30.

I’m serious.

Just in case you were thinking about showing up for the American Idol PRE-concert party at WorkPlay… it’s sold out 😡


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