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Neon in B’ham: A sign’s possible last days?


This sign is located on Second Avenue across from Pete’s Famous Hot Dogs. We’ll eventually put up an image of that icon, but first things first; the block has seen it become quieter thanks to the spring closing of the area Wachovia branch. The property owner, George Ladd, has announced plans to spend $2.5 million to repair buildings located at 1910 and 1912 2nd Avenue, North. The link to the article from Sunday’s Birmingham News follows:

(Dull downtown sites to shine, The Birmingham News, 7.23.2006)

This project can only add to the potential of activities in the surrounding area, including events at the McWane Center. The critical mass that many have been waiting for in terms of development is close at hand. There will be many people enjoying conducting the dumpster test soon around here. One of my former bosses introduced me to it (the one I talk about in this post). As more dumpsters and construction workers appear in areas, it provides one of the best signals of a strong economic heartbeat. Sounds good to me. We may lose the sign in the process, but the activity and pride that may stem from it will be worth it. It has sat dark for several years and the commercial space has been vacant recently. It can only bring good things to the area now.

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