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Random Shots: And the beat goes on…


Attendees to this month’s Movies by Moonlight presentation of Drum Line were able to take part in some of the pre-screening festivities. These moviegoers are taking part in a drum circle. Later on, Ensley’s Phi De I performed before what had to be the event’s largest crowd yet. It’s a great chance to run into people that you don’t get to see very often. Here’s a set of images from last night’s movie.

Last night’s screening was also an opportunity to have announcements made about upcoming events in the area. I’d have blogged about those announcements live as they happened, but while I could find the access point for the free wireless service provided by Southern LINC that I spoke of here in early June, it would not let anyone connect with the internet. I’m hoping that one of our friends from the tech world can see if the “cloud” was only supposed to be available for City Stages or not. We’ll see how things develop over the weekend. This includes some surprise meetings tomorrow and attempting to make some changes to some websites.

More tomorrow.

Enjoy the weekend. Stay dry. And if you can, check out these various posts from earlier this week: 1, 2 & 3. (Yes, I know I didn’t tell you which ones they were)


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