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Neon in B’ham: On top of the world


…Or at least on top of the city. Not doing this sign would be stupid. We’ve posted before about the prominent place in the city and what it means to see it working again. The 27-story City Federal building was once the tallest in the state and still dominates the Birmingham skyline at night. It was designed by William Weston, architect of two of the four buildings on the Heaviest Corner on Earth (1st Avenue North and 20th Street North); The Brown Marx building (1908) and the Woodward Building (1902). This building is located at the corner of Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd. and 2nd Avenue North. The sign has been in need of constant repair since being turned back on this past December. It is worth it to see it lit nightly. Click here to view the images taken so far.

Check out the Ramble later this morning.


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