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Keep it Relevant: Missing Girl in Auburn

UPDATE (July 12): Click here to view a recent update on the story courtesy of NBC 13.

While there are some that only look at the negative regarding MySpace, every once in a while there are some times where it’s power and relevance in our society reveals itself. Here’ one s that I felt necessary to post today, courtesy of my inbound MySpace bulletin board:

Missing Girl in Auburn

Lori Ann Slesinski’s car was found and her sunglasses (we think) were found and have been given to the police for evidence….this is serious.

This girl has been missing from Auburn for a about two weeks now and if you would help us keep reposting it so that people could see her face, maybe someone will recognize her.. Her car was found and it was burned up… but no signs of her.

Official Story at the Opelika-Auburn News.

This is her myspace profile:

Please repost this guys. It’s amazing how we all have time to repost all these messages about ourselves…I think we can all take a minute to copy and paste this message.
Or you can link to this post so that the image is available. Keep her in your prayers.


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