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The sunny side of life and some sunflowers to boot

I’m one of those individuals that always look for the bright side of a story. I blame my years at SCAD and working for the student paper and community weekly for that bias, though it is one that has definitely served me well as time has gone on. It is also a great thing for people to have available to them, especially at this point and time where we enjoy focusing on the negative as much as we do without thinking about solutions. This blog has shifted focus tremendously in recent months from more opinion pieces about issues going on in the area to one that looks at events and issues taking place. In both cases, it still meets the overall goal; taking a look at things that makes life a little easier to live around here. Just let me know if there’s anything you want to see here.

One interesting thing about this metro area is their love of giving. Even more interesting is the things that are tried to increase giving while having a good time. An upcoming example of this is the 20th Annual Junior Achievement Bowling Classic. While the event takes place in August (the 12th, 13th and 19th), the registration deadline is July 14. You can learn more about the event at its website,, including how to register yourself and some friends for this worthy cause. You can also visit the organization’s regular website from that page and find out how you can give of your time as well.

The weekend of the registration deadline, you will hopefully be seeing throngs of people surrounding the new Gardens of Park Place in downtown Birmingham celebrating a harvesting of sunflowers. Edwin Marty and the gang at the Jones Valley Urban Farm are looking for additional people to help organize and pull off what promises to be an incredible event. They will be meeting from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. at the Park Place conference room, located at 600 24th Street North, 2nd floor on June 28th to discuss the current status of plans. You can learn more about this project by reviewing this post and clicking on the link to their website. Or just click here and check out the site directly. E-mailing Edwin may also help him know how much to expect for this meeting (click here).

Enjoy the day.


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