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Random Shots: Let the City Stages 2006 photos begin… sort of

Chris Davis' City Stages T-shirt design
This afternoon Reg of Reg’s Coffeehouse emceed the annual City Stages Unplugged performance in front of the Harbert Plaza in downtown Birmingham. It was a whirlwind of activity as people were trying to put the finishing touches on organizing the music festival while people stood (or sat) in the sun getting a taste of some of the offerings from the stage.

There is a reason why this pic is up here. These women work for Amsouth Bank and were taking part in a Casual Day in the City Center. The T-shirt that they’re wearing has one of the two designs for City Stages shirts for this year. The college friend I mentioned in this morning’s post is Christopher Davis, a designer at Southern Progress and the one behind the design on the shirt. There will be more pictures available later on today at the Smugmug photo site. One more thing, the woman on the left was really enjoying today as it was her last day with Amsouth Bank (she was enjoying everything like it was one big going away party).

But go ahead and check out some of the images from this afternoon.


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