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The Friday Ramble: Changes and more

Let the theme changing begin…

I’m starting to look at changing the look of the blog. This is my first attempt since bringing it over from Blogger. Emire 1.0 is one of the newer themes available from the free site. I’m sure that I’ll change it again once I get the domain name. I’m talking with the guys at WordPress to make sure there are not any problems. Let me know what you think.

U – R – S – P – R – A – C – H – E,

That’s how 13-year old Katherine Close won the Scripps National Spelling Bee, becoming the first young lady to win the competition since 1999. And just what exactly does this word mean, click here to find out! I’m just happy that people cared enough to broadcast the event on national network television this year. You may want to visit their site to find out more about the event, it’s pretty interesting how things have changed. (Jersey Girl Wins National Spelling Bee, ABC News, June 2, 2006) The coverage has also sparked some comments on fellow Combloggerator sites, including Give Me the Booger. Pretty funny and insightful comments too.

Check out the newest club in town

I was over at the Alys Stephens Center yesterday afternoon, picking up some tickets for tonight’s Mavis Staples concert (the door prize I won by attending the first Movies by Moonlight in Linn Park last month), and decided to flip through the annual season brochure. Among the pages of the booklet, I found information about the ASC Social Club, the latest in a string of young professional social networks being created throughout the Magic City. This Social Club says it is creating the most dynamic arts group in Birmingham. I like another sentence in the description better, as it is truly working towards expanding the supporters of the performing arts in the region. Check out the site and the shows involved. It should be a lot of fun when September arrives.

The Falcons’ run is over in Montgomery, but it was fun

The University of Montevallo Falcons baseball team lost in their fourth round game of the NCAA Division II World Series against Cal State – Chico at Paterson Field, ending their season at 43-18. These guys had one of the better seasons in recent memory for the region in baseball. Now that the season is over, many would say that the focus shall return to the “real” programs as Division I series play begins. I’m still not sure if we gave the team enough coverage, considering how much closer they came than anyone else this year in the area to bringing home a trophy. Thankfully the support for the Falcons was tremendous during the season and in Montgomery. It also means that there’s a great base for some exciting DII action next year down the road!

And finally…

Leave it another Combloggerator to point out some of the problems with getting information out. Accentuate the Positive has a great piece on yesterday’s local coverage of Wednesday’s abduction (this morning’s post subject).

There’s a lot of things going on this weekend. Hopefully there’s something for you to do. For me, it’s a train ride to NOLA. We’ll be in touch; keep an eye on my Smugmug page for updates in the evenings.


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