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Random Shots: Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy the views…


05272006 Public Markets - Pepper Place.jpg
This is one of the pictures I took Saturday at the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market (see Friday’s post for a link to the farmer’s market). They exist on the Smugmug site now under Public Markets. This summer I’ve learned I’ll be visiting several markets around the country; it’s a great excuse to take pictures and post them, so stay tuned to the Markets gallery.

On this Memorial Day, I’d invite you to take a look at a couple of Random Shots. One’s from Birmingham; the other is from outside the metropolitan area:

05292006 Liberty Park Statue.jpg
This Statue of Liberty is not in New York Harbor but Liberty Park, a mixed-use community in Vestavia Hills, a city in metro Birmingham. (N.B. the first link in the sentence is to the official site for the original statue) Here is a link to the history of the statue, courtesy of It is located near the local headquarters for the Boy Scouts of America and the Federal Reserve Bank. The statue was originally located atop the Liberty National Life Insurance building on the city’s Southside, moving to its current location in 1989.

The Random Shot: Symbolic Freedom in D.C.

FYI – I’ve also finally started a page. Now you can see just how crazy the links have become (there’s a link on the side – I’m not saying what side since I’m investigating changing themes soon 🙂 )

Have a great evening.


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