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Random shots: Something old, something new for the News …

05262006 Random Shot of the Week.jpg
This week’s photo shows the past and future home of daily reporting in Birmingham, AL. Both buildings shown can claim to be the home of The Birmingham News [Wikipedia]. The older building, located to the rear of the image, currently serves as the home of the daily newspaper and has since 1917. The building in the foreground will soon be the new home of the only daily newspaper serving the Magic City. It will serve as one of the new monuments to the world of journalism in the Southeast, joining buildings in Savannah (2004) and Athens, GA (1991), among others.

The future of the current structure is the subject of several rumors, some being kinder to the older structure than others. The building has reported on the best and scandalous moments in Birmingham’s history. I was taught in school that the building is a vessel that holds the story. One wonders what stories the new building will keep within its walls…


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