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A busy night and day as we await “American Idol” decision and another way to support Taylor

An early morning update:

This afternoon, we’ll post about the current flurry of activity around the city, particularly in the Southside section of downtown. We’ll also see if we can salvage some images from last night’s Catalyst event at Sloss Docks. More than 200 people decided to GET IN GEAR with Catalyst last night, listening to the sounds of while getting a sneak preview of the Alabama Folk Art Museum being organized for the Alabama Year of Art in 2007.

This evening we will be attempting to blog live from WorkPlay as we await America’s final decision during the American Idol finale. Taylor Hicks’ band, the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra will be performing live and proceeds from the event will be going to Taylor’s charity, The Studio by the Tracks. Check out Hicks’ interview with the local Birmingham Public Radio program Tapestry from December 2005. The event is currently sold out, so we’ll try to keep you as updated as possible. And you can always give a donation to the organization on your own.

Stay tuned…


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