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The Ramble: Last chance to help out, Movies and some Wine

First of all, for those seeking an update on the knee (and I warn you, it’s a long update), check out my MySpace blog. The short version is that I’m very groggy but still functioning. I may have to stay home for at least one more day, so we’ll see what happens next.

Last chance to help out with a great cause

Despite the aggravating pain, I’m still determined to do two laps (very slowly) on Friday evening for the Leeds/Moody Relay for Life. If you know of anyone that would like to donate to the Birmingham Jaycees team efforts, please send them a link to this post and direct them to this link. I am sure that the Jaycees, the American Cancer Society and I will be extremely grateful regardless of how much you decide to pledge.

Come enjoy Movies by Moonlight

You may also see me attempt to attend the screening of Ferris Beuller’s Day Off tomorrow evening in Linn Park. As previously mentioned, it’s the first of the movie series entitled Movies by Moonlight. I’ve created a PDF of all of the basic information that you’re going to need for the event based on an e-mail from Joy Myers, ArtWalk Director and Movies by Moonlight coordinator. Simple version:

  • Screen will be placed in front of City Hall – 36’ x 26’ (approx. size)
  • Food available from John’s City Diner for pickup at the park (check PDF for details)
  • There will now be a short shown before each feature courtesy of the guys over at Sidewalk.
  • Music will be provided by the Birmingham Spots beginning at 6 p.m. Check out their MySpace profile.

There’s always room for more

Yesterday I was able to do some investigative reporting on my way back from picking up my prescription, meeting the project manager for a new wine bar in town, The Wine Loft. It just so happens that its entrance will be located directly underneath my loft. I figured since I was going to be hearing the work go on downstairs over the next few days, I needed to know more about what was going on.

The plans for this place make it look very, very posh indeed. Plans appear to call for private wine tasting rooms and other unique touches that will create an experience that those that frequent the space will never likely forget. Their website paints an image of an extremely upscale establishment, which has me wondering how they will do here in the city center. I’m hoping they market towards that financial set, or it could be tough for them to compete. They are hoping to have their doors open in time for the July 4th weekend. Based on the images on their website, it should be an interesting place to go. I’d planned to go and check it out during my upcoming trip to New Orleans; however I was informed today that it’s been closed since Katrina. This will be the 3rd location to open for this competitor to The Grape. The Grape has already opened two locations here in town, with several more locations appearing around the Southeast, most notably at the Atlantic Station development in Atlanta. The Baton Rouge location is the only other one that is currently open for the Wine Loft.

The idea of increased traffic around the building is a mixed blessing. It is yet another sign that the city is well on its way to being a hot bed of activity. It is also another sign of preparing to deal with problems that were once thought to be inevitable but distant, such as on street parking during non-business hours becoming more difficult to secure. It’s a price that those willing to be in “on the ground floor” must pay, but one that always seems to be worth it. So while I sit here recuperating and trying to get work done, I can live with the sounds of progress being made below the loft. I just hope the music is stuff I want to listen to šŸ™‚


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