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A slow day at the Ramblings

It’s a relatively slow day here at the Ramblings. Not a lot of things going on here in town today. That’s probably a good thing really. It means that I just have an excuse to post later this evening instead. Until then…

Celebrate Mother Earth

I couldn’t let this week pass by without a blatant plug for TechBirmingham’s second annual Ecycling Day, taking place this Saturday. Curtis is working hard to make sure that this year’s event is bigger than last year’s. Hopefully you’ll be able to go through all of your closets or storage sheds and dig up some old CPUs or cell phones.

The never ending saga continues

I got this via the information superhighway this morning. Now, I haven’t been posting e-mails recently. It’s just interesting that came in this morning, especially after a review of the City Council agenda for today. I’m still of the opinion that there are other opportunities to develop projects that will benefit the City as much if not more than this one that will also protect the historic character of Redmont Park, similar to what I said previously. Whether that argument will be allowed to live for another day remains to be seen.

Until later,


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