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Random shot of the week – City Federal Building


The Ramblings camera is still suffering from too much caffeine in recent days, though I can always say that this image is more artistic. Or not. This image shows a pretty cool view of the City Federal Building (you have to trust me despite all of the distortion). This iconic sign was relit in December as part of a renovation of the property for use as condos and office/retail space. And it makes a really cool view to come home to during the winter, both driving into the city center and walking into the loft (it’s the view from some of our windows).

The buzz happening downtown because of projects like this received another boost with the presentation of the next steps in the Railroad Reservation Park by the master plan design team yesterday. The next steps were laid out in various locations including from a bird’s eye view of the park site from 2 North Twenieth Street. The thought of running through a park in downtown Birmingham is pretty exciting. It will almost be like doing my daily laps around Forsyth Park again. The Bham News ran this article in today’s paper about the recent developments. Hopefully, within the next 9-12 months, some significant progress can be made and some greenery will enter our city center environment.

I’m also interested in hearing what Birmingham-Southern College President David Pollick will talk about at First United Methodist Church today. He’ll be speaking as part of their Lenten series beginning at noon. I’ll let y’all know what happens there after work, since I’ll be starting the trek to the Hostess City of the South tomorrow morning instead of this evening.


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