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Relay for Life is 5/19/06 – a chance to help

Relay for Life has become one of the largest single fund raisers for the American Cancer Society. Click here to learn more about the event. Last year I served as the team captain for the Birmingham Jaycees team. We participated in the Homewood Relay for Life event. We did quite well last year as well, raising more than $2000 as a team. This year, the chapter chose to particpate in the Leeds/Moody event as a way to continue efforts to do projects throughout the greater Birmingham metropolitan area.

Cancer has unfortunately become a disease that is all too common. This year it is estimated that more than 1.3 million people will be affected by this disease, killing nearly 500,000 of them. It is unfortunately far too easy to immediately bring to mind a family member or friend who has had to battle this disease. This year I will once again attempt to stay awake for most of the evening for this worthy cause (though last year this whole idea of not sleeping the night before didn't help matters).

This link will take you to my personal Relay for Life webpage where you can give if you feel like and see why I choose to participate in this event. There is also the option of creating a team yourselves and participating in one of the Relays that will be taking place that evening throughout the metropolitan area. There is still time to give of yourself for this worthy cause this year. I would hope that this would be an example of working together for a common goal.


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