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The Friday Ramble: Cooperation, Books and “Why do we wear green?”

Will it work?

Interesting how people hold their thoughts in until someone else let’s the cat out of the bag. There has been some very vocal support of comments made earlier this week by Alabama Power CEO Charles McCrary. Checking out the Breaking News blog on the Birmingham News site, it seems as though communication among local leaders is beginning to improve tremendously. This hopefully means that several issues that have been identified by several groups as important to the future of the region will finally begin to see more discussion and eventual consensus.

The blog of the week

Well, Dre’s Ramblings is finally listed on its hometown paper’s list of web logs (although now I have to let them know that it’s moving – click here to see how it’s coming along). As satisfied as we are of actually taking the time to contact the Birmingham News and let them know that we exist, we’re not the blog of the week. Besides, calling your own blog that blog of the week is bunk anyway. That honor goes to the Birmingham Public Library’s new blog that chronicles pertinent information for their patrons. It provides another vehicle for the library to get information out and makes it easy to track down information, providing links to important pages on its regular site thus making it easier for nerds like myself to know all that our system has to offer. It would be really cool if they posted the list of DVDs that they had just purchased too.

St. Patrick’s Day! Now, why do we celebrate again?

While I enjoy green beer as much as the next person, it still makes me wonder why we’ve turned this holiday into one of the biggest excuses to drink in America. I really can’t say anything; I’ve been quite guilty of using this holiday for that purpose for several years while in Savannah. Wade seems to be on to something on his blog today. The idea that some people don’t necessarily know why we celebrate the life of the patron saint of Ireland is a little strange. Hopefully we can shed some light on the matter and remember that we’re honoring his life and ironically, the anniversary of his death (in this case thanks to this link to the History Channel website).

Enjoy the evening.


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