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City Stages is getting closer and a great pic

You can blame how I stumbled into Birmingham in part on City Stages. 1998 to be exact: the year of the Phil Collins fiasco. For those that know, that’s worth a separate posting all unto itself (but I digress). That visit led to seven years of thinking about moving here and, to some extent, this blog. When you first mention it, you kind of get that weird look until you learn of its beginnings and of the intentions of the organization. Well, yesterday’s Birmingham News placed this story above the fold. There are several bands that I probably would have never seen if I hadn’t attended the festival. I hope it helps the organization get out of the red and continue to bring a different, eclectic music festival to life.

If you have not picked up a copy of this week’s Birmingham Weekly as of yet… why don’t I just let you read the posting on the Catalyst blog.


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