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The power of blogging and why do we read them anyway?

An e-mail I received yesterday reminded me of the fact that the comments I post up here serve as a window into not just my life, but this region, reveling how someone thinks it operates and where it’s going to those that choose to stop and take a gander. Blogging can be a tool to voice what you think or a way to keep inside jokes going. Its power has already been talked about on numerous television newsmagazines and there are even blogs about blogs.

I’ve come to blogging (rather late compared to others) as a way to clear my mind so I can be more productive. The ability to put my thoughts out there for me and the rest of the world to see in perpetuity is a little nerve racking. It does let me get it out there for all to read and get feedback on. Most times the comments are generic, sometimes pointed at one person, all aimed at getting some kind of conversation going. It’s become a town square in a way that not even myspace is capable of. Conversations can be had about fun things and serious things without necessarily ever meeting the person. Back in college I had to lead a conversation about how computers and the internet were changing the notion of the town square as a meeting place and a place for great conversation. The conclusion for participants at the end of the class was that people still use the town square, but that it’s purpose was changing. Now it has a Wi-Fi connection in it and you’re there to check your myspace, Facebook or Friendster account. You hear from people on a far more regular basis than previous generations ever did. And you never know who’s reading your thoughts.

I know that some of the people that read this blog are bloggers themselves. I’d love to know what your reason is for blogging. If you just like to read what we write, I’d love to know about that too. I’ve sent a link to this post to a lot of people. I’d invite you to take a ride through the roads that I’ve created here and let me know what you think. Kind of pointless to write without getting criticism. More later.


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