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Pictures from the game and other tidbits for your viewing pleasure

I just checked out the pictures that Curtis took at the Black Barons game on Sunday afternoon. I tried to take some, but once I figured out that the digital had no battery life left it became a little impossible.

For those that look at new home sales as an indicator of the market, here’s something else to consider. Today’s Birmingham News article shows that preservation may in fact be alive and kicking in the Magic City in a much larger way than most may think in terms of residential. Or it could show that people do not necessarily want to move into more congestion. Read it and decide for yourself. One of the best ways to show a renewed interest in our city is to bring back those areas that have been getting vacated and provide examples on how that can come back and bring life, vitality and fun back into town.

Today’s first meet and greet session with Catalyst’s new director, Cherie Fields, and its steering committee was great. It’s definitely a great next step for a great organization. The Birmingham Business Journal had some fun scooping the other papers in town this week with this article.

And, since I posted this ramble late last night, I figured I’d link to it so I can get some feedback.

Now it’s time to get some more work done so I can enjoy a late lunch outside and enjoy the warm weather.


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