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And now an update from Montgomery…

Here’s the latest regarding the constitutional reform effort taken from an e-mail sent out by Hill Carmichael of Greater Birmingham Ministries earlier today:

The House Constitution and Elections Committee voted on Tuesday, February 15th on HB109 (Citizens Convention Bill). The Committee voted 7 to 7 meaning that HB109 did not pass. Everyone in the Constitutional Reform Movement waits to hear if additional action on the bill will be taken by the House Constitution and Elections Committee.

Unfortunately, many legislators still do not trust the people of Alabama. I encourage each of you to contact your legislators and urge them to “Let the People Vote”. And please encourage others to do the same. Also, please remember to thank those legislators who voted in favor of HB109. It is important that our legislators hear from as many people as possible over the next week. Urge each”NO” vote to reconsider this matter immediately. It is critical if we hope to have the Senate Committee take us seriously next week. Remind them that over 67,000 people signed petitions, and that a new survey shows that 71% of the registered voters of this state support a citizens-delegated, constitutional convention.

These are the members AND HOW THEY VOTED:

House Constitution and Elections Committee

Randy Hinshaw, Chair (D) Dist 21 Program Director VOTED “YES”
Huntsville; H 256-828-7119
State House 334-242-7733 Rm 535

Jeff McLaughlin, Vice Chair (D) Dist 27 Attorney VOTED “YES”
Guntersville H 256-582-2520
State House : 334-242-7765 Rm 526-B

Greg Albritton (R) Ranking Minority Member, Dist 64 VOTED “NO”

Attorney,Excel H 251-578-6900 ( Evergreen)
State House 334-242-7747 Rm 539-7747

George Bandy (D) Dist 83 Pastor VOTED “YES”
Opelika H 334-242-7721
State House 334-242-7721 Rm 526-D

Randy Davis (R) Dist 96 Edu administrator VOTED “NO”
Daphne H 251-937-0324 or 251-626-5825
State House 334-242-7724 Rm 538-B

Joe Faust (R) Dist 94 Insurance sales VOTED “NO”
Fairhope H 251-928-5445
State House 334- 242-7699 Rm 524-C

Paul DeMarco ( R) Dist 46 Attorney VOTED “YES”
Homewood H 205-802-7285 W 205 326-6600
State House 334-242-7740 Rm 536-C

Micky Hammon ( R ) Dist 4 Electrical Contractor VOTED “NO”
Decatur H 256-350-4261 or 256-350-0375
State House 334- 242-7709 Rm 523-C

Steve Hurst ( D ) Dist 35 Businessman VOTED “NO”
Munford H 256-761-1935
State House 334-353-9215 Rm 630-A

Bryant Melton ( D) 334-242-7752 Dist 70 College Administrator VOTED “YES”
Tuscaloosa H 205-391-2614 or 205-758-6800
State House 334-242-7752 Rm 525-C

Joseph Mitchell ( D) Dist 103 Retired VOTED “NO”
Mobile H 251-473-5020
State House 334-242-7735 Rm 517-A

Mary Moore (D) Dist 59 Medical Technology VOTED “YES”
Birmingham H 205-322-0254
State House 334-242-7608 Rm 539-D

Sue Schmitz (D) Dist 6 School Teacher VOTED “YES”
Tony ( Madison) H 256-852-7003
State House 334-242-7704 Rm 524-D

Tommy Sherer (D) Dist 13 Retired Elem School Principal WAS ABSENT
Jasper H 256-522-2348 or 205-387-1321
State House 334-242-7704 Rm 522-D

Randy Wood (R) Dist 36 Owner Wood’s Body Shop VOTED “NO”
Anniston H 256-237-8114 or 256-892-2151
State House 334-242-7700 Rm 524-E

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