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Comments on the church burnings

Here it is: an extremely short entry allowing me to throw in my two cents worth about the senseless church burnings in Alabama recently.

I feel sorry for the two “friends” (as the profiled suspects have been described by news accounts) that have to get their kicks by destroying houses of worship in the dark of night. I am extremely sorry that the congregants of these churches have to suffer as emotional a loss as visiting the remains of their buildings and now only having their memories of these structures in these communities. The people that are suffering now though have something that our currently elusive criminals most likely do not; the strength to continue on and support each other as a church community. Those buildings are important, but not nearly as important as the life that goes on outside of those buildings week after week that is shared when the community comes together. They are only destroying a physical structure while the one that has developed over the years among attendees continues to grow and survive.

When they are captured, these guys will probably not even realize that their attempt to destroy has only led to more building and support than ever before. I feel sorry that they will not be able to comprehend that either.N.B. I have added a couple more groups to my list of progressive organizations with the original post. Let me know if you have any others. Thanks…

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