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Civic Organization Roundtable

This concept grew out of me watching several organizations working to better their city, yet none of them realizing what the other ones were doing. The idea is to bring organizations together, whether they are a “young professional” or “progressive” organization or a group that works to deal with specific issues in our region and create a common ground. There is no hierarchy, no lead organization; there is a shared need to work together to achieve their combined visions for their Birmingham.

The original proposal skewed the focus towards young professional organizations as they are seen as essential to the future of our city. Engaging them on issues that they view as important and that they can affect change on encourages them to consider a long term commitment in the area. However, it makes more sense to encourage communication among all groups, working to develop solutions through partnerships rather than just acting alone.

I am more concerned that the goal of improved communication is achieved. Elitism and separation will not move this city forward. Cooperation and implementation of ideas will.

This idea grew out of several posts that were made to this blog in the last few months. Links to each of them follow below in no particular order. Read and comment if you wish. Click here to view a list of organizations and to submit additional groups for the list.

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