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City Stages (a.k.a. Taylor’s homecoming) is over, what’s next?

It seems as though everyone is happy with this year’s City Stages, even the guys talked to by the Birmingham News in today’s paper. (Steady crowds, nice weather make for ‘fabulous’ festival, The Birmingham News, 6.19.2006)

The three-day festival ended last night and seemed to send everyone home singing some new favorite song, if not visions of Taylor Hicks dancing in their heads. We tried to keep you updated (check out the previous four posts starting with this one if you don’t believe me). It also sent a lot of professional and amateur photographers home happy with the digital booty they had to share with the world. Here are some links to photosets, starting with our own.


These three lovely people were working one of the tables near the entrance near the currently under renovation Tutwiler Hotel. Let’s show them some love by visiting their organization’s respective sites and learning more about these impressive, established groups and initiatives, especially as it’s a great peak into some of the happenings for fall.

In a somewhat related issue, those wondering what the status is with regards to the civic organization roundtable concept: a planning meeting will be taking place at the end of the week and I’ll share some updates then.

Things will just keep on staying busy this week as Art on the Rocks makes its monthly appearance in the Birmingham social calendar on Friday night. This is of course after people recover from a busy Thursday that includes the Birmingham Barons paying respect to the New York Yankees affiliate years during this year’s Rickwood Classic beginning at 12:35 p.m. and the latest installment in the Movies by Moonlight series downtown. Big Fish will help convert Linn Park from a City Stage to an outdoor movie theater. John’s City Diner will again be providing the option to purchase box dinners in advance. Here’s the PDF that we’ve created with the info. Click here to check out the post with photos from the last movie.

It would seem that the tipping point for activity is upon us. If you know of anything, let us know by posting a comment or flying a plane and write it in the sky. Just don’t keep it to yourself. While it is exciting to write about social things going on, there’s still hope for more chances to write about volunteer opportunities and other intangibles that help make this a great city.


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