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“I’m Singing in the Rain…”

singing in the rain. mindfulness/FlickrRain has always been one of those weirder natural occurrences to me. As with most things in nature, it can either sustain us or lead to destruction. I’ve always viewed the destruction as providing a great opportunity for a new start, a washing away of the past and the problems associated with it allowing for a new beginning.

Yesterday I was able to stand in one of the those enjoyable rainstorms. I really hadn’t had the chance to do that since my first visit to Savannah nearly 13 years ago. That evening the rain continued for most of the night becoming quite heavy at times. I walked with my then new friends (none of us with umbrellas) back from the riverfront along the Savannah River, up the 250 year old cobblestone stairway near Barnard Street to the bluff of the historic district. We then decided to walk barefoot through the streets of Savannah on a Saturday night, more or less snaking our way through downtown, arriving back at the residence hall where we were to spend the next five weeks of our lives soaking wet but already with an appreciation of the city that we were being given the chance to treat as our home away from home. Once we’d given in to the fact that we were going to be soaked, it became much easier to enjoy being lost in a new town and enjoy the buildings, the trees and the squares.

Wednesday’s storm was not as monumental in my mind; at least I doubt it will ever be as long as that night in Savannah still immediately returns to my awareness anytime I see a downpour occur. Instead of enjoying the rainfall, I was scurrying to find the keys to my car so that I could drop off some film at a one hour photo place and get back to work. This is of course after enjoying the Rickwood Classic at Rickwood Field for the most of the early afternoon. I finally decided to enjoy the moment and slow down for a bit. I enjoyed watching the suds come out of the downspouts as I walked along the alley to get to my car in its secured parking lot. Once inside the car, I watched the drops hit the windshield, giving me a chance to enjoy the music of nature and the sounds of the city. It’s something that I don’t do as often as I need to.

My hope with this blog is to hopefully make myself more aware of those moments that I don’t take a chance to enjoy and maybe share a few with all of you. I think you’ll enjoy the ride and I’m looking forward to seeing where this leads. For those that stumble across this blog, later this week I’ll do the somewhat necessary introduction of myself. I’ll see you on the other side.

Photo: singing in the rain. mindfulness/Flickr

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